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Started 12 years ago, TweetAttacksPro is an all-round Twitter bot that can automatically perform everything we can do—and even what we find challenging—on Twitter. With the latest technological innovations, TweetAttacksPro now integrates advanced AI technologies like ChatGPT, making it smarter and more automated than ever before.

  • Auto Mass Mention,Mass DM..etc
    Auto reply, like, tweet, retweet...etc
    We will demostrate how software works through Anydesk, Ultraviewer or Google meeting...etc

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Over the last few years, TweetAttacksPro have become a huge deal. They’ve taken on a growing role.

AI-driven Tweet and Comment Generation

TweetAttacksPro has introduced a powerful new feature: AI-driven tweet and comment generation. This enhancement leverages advanced AI technologies, including ChatGPT, to automatically create engaging and relevant tweets and comments. By analyzing trends, user behavior, and contextual relevance, the AI ensures that the generated content resonates with your audience. This not only saves time but also increases the effectiveness and intelligence of your Twitter interactions. All AI-generated operations are fully compliant with Twitter API guidelines, ensuring safe and efficient use of the platform.

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New Feature--- Twitter ViewBot

Increase Tweets' views & impressions fast and stablely, real views, no drop!

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What TweetAttacksPro Can Do?

Top Trending

This is a new version of TweetAttacksPro, a feature to make hashtags on TOP of Twitter. It automatically runs the sub accounts (slave accounts) to instantly like, retweet and reply on the tweets from main accounts (mother accounts) at the moment they post.

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Auto Mass Tweet

TweetAttacksPro can mass tweet with bulk accounts, this function allows us to spread our hashtags and keywords in fast speed.

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Auto Like, Retweet and Reply

TweetAttacksPro makes like, retweet and reply in one setting, allowing tweets to gain bulk likes, retweets and comments in seconds and increase engagements very fast.

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Automatically Create New Twitter Accounts

TweetAttacksPro can help to create hundreds of phone and email verified twitter accounts in minutes. Combines with third part phone service supplier, TweetAttacksPro will get phone numbers and phone code automtaically. It can also solve capthca automatically and allow you to import proxies to register accounts.

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Automatically Mass Mention

TweetAttacksPro can mass mention/tag others followers when commenting, tweeting and quote tweeting to increase the views of your tweets.

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Automatically Mass DM:

TweetAttacksPro has the function to send mass DMs, same or different messages, to a list of users provided, or to someone's followers. Also it has a powerful filter function that can help to filter out those who accept any messages from anyone, so we can save a lot of time in successfully sending mass messages to target people even they are not our followers.

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Fast Followers & Followings & Tweets Scraper:

TweetAttacksPro can automatically scrape Anyone's followers & followings, and tweets with detail information fastly. When scraping, it can also filter out those usenames (eg. has at least 1000 followers) according to our requirement.

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Auto Mass Report

Mass report on someone to make their accounts suspended by twitter. Tested, and it really works.

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Automaitcally Scrape Others' Followers.

TweetAttacksPro allows us to get millions of others' followers with only one "Start" clicking. With TweetAttacksPro, we can not only scarpe ANY tweet or profile links through keywords or imported links, but also we can get more accurate datas with the "Advanced Search" function by setting detailed keywords, filter conditions and date.

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More Automation Functions to Get More Organic Growth:

1) Auto-Manage: Automatically manage hundreds and thousands of accounts in same time
2) Auto-Modify: Automatically modify/change profile picture, username, bio, email address.....
3) Auto-Follow: Automatically find people interested in your content and follow them to get their attention.Your high-quality content and top targeting methods will assure you a good FollowBack ratio.
4) Auto UnFollow: Keep your following list to a manageable size by automatically unfollowing Twitter users that didn’t follow you back.
5) Auto FollowBack: Make sure you keep in touch with your Twitter fans by automatically following them back. This is a strong Twitter marketing strategy.
6) Auto Retweet:Keep your account active and build strong business relations with potential clients, by finding and retweeting great tweets in your niche.
7) Automatic Hashtags: Increase the visibility of your tweets by automatically converting specific keywords into hashtags.
8) Automatic Favorites:Find great tweets in your niche and automatically like them to start new social interactions and kickstart your accounts’ growth.
9) Auto-Send canned replies: Set up predefined canned replies and automatically send them when your fans are contacting you. You can customize them depending on the situation.
10) Posts Scheduling: Plan all your tweets and publish them when your audience is online and receptive. With TweetAttacksPro you will save months of repetitive work by setting up your tweets in advance.
11) Twitter Mention: Find your target audience and use their Twitter handle in your messages. Create unique messages and connect with your prospects in a more powerful, personal way.
12) Pull Tweets from RSS: Always have fresh content by importing tweets from RSS feeds (don’t forget to include your own blog’s feeds).
13) Spin Syntax: Spin syntax feature is available to all the text fields to help you create unique messages.
14) Send direct messages to targeted users: Search for targeted Twitter users and automatically contact them to further spread your marketing message and increase your campaign’s conversions.
15) Night Mode – stop all actions during certain hours: Have your accounts look more authentic with a few hours daily breaks from social media. Set up your Night Mode when your audience is not online.
16) Support login with Auth_Token, Cookies

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Proxy and Account Security

This function lets you bind accounts with appointed proxies, so that later the program will use the same proxy with this account all the time. This will make your account much safer. These sites don't want to see that you are in USA now and then you are in England after 1 min. You can set every account to use a different proxy, you also can set every 2 or X accounts to use the same proxy. The program can also use the conventional proxy rotate method of using a different proxy every time the account logs in. It's very smart, it's all is down to your settings. And our software's operation is same to human's operation, this will avoid your accounts got suspended. We have many excellent proxy partners who will give you discount price and great proxies that work well with our software.

We Also Provide Custom Development Services

if you need new additional functions, pls Reach Out To Us

Successful cases:

If you own a SMM panel, you may need such tool to fill orders automatically.Once you got orders, it will redirect to TweetAttacksPro and auto run certain tasks. For example, someone ordered 1000 likes from your panel, then TweetAttacksPro will receive the requests and fill orders automatically. Below are the most requested orders.

1) Youtube subs, views, likes, comments likes, comment , community likes, dislikes, community comments etc.
2) Facebook page likes, followers, post likes , comment , page review, video views, Live stream views , comment likes, post reacts etc.
3) Insta follower, views, likes, DM, story views etc.
4) Twitter followers , retweet , likes, video views, live stream views etc.
5) Tiktok views, likes, comment.

TweetAttacksPro can automatically and bulkly bind phone numbers or email addresses to your already created twitter accounts.

1) Once any accounts got banned, send notification to your email address automatically.
2) Check if the list of users(user1, user2, user3....user100) had been followed by any one of your accounts(accountA, accountB, accountC....) before, if yes(for example user1 was followed by accountA before), then (user1) not followed by other accounts (accountB, accountC....)again. If not, start following.
3) Unfollow those not follow back users(for example user3), and (user3) will not be followed again by any our accounts in future.

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Auto verify Email (automatically get email verification) when login and Twitter asks for email verification code.

Automaticaly spin contents when posting new tweet or quote tweeting. You just need to prepare one original content for tweeting, then software will spintax it automatically and provide you unlimited contents in same meaning.

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